What is the Fed Cetera Network?


The Fed Cetera Network was originally founded as a clearinghouse for small business subcontractors on U.S. Department of Education (ED) default student loan resolution contracts. Today’s Fed Cetera Network also serves the larger purpose of advocating for greater small business utilization on Federal default resolution contracts generally. Small businesses, including past and present network members, have:

  • Helped millions of defaulted student loan borrowers move out of default and get on the road toward financial stability;
  • Worked successfully since 2000, and have done the majority of default student loan resolution work since 2015;
  • Employed thousands of American workers prevailing wages under the McNamara-O’Hara Service Contract Act in numerous Congressional districts all over the country; and,
  • Increased the number and qualifications of HUBZone-certified and service-disabled, veteran owned small businesses, two groups that historically have not received their share of prime contracts.

More About The Fed Cetera Network

The Fed Cetera Network is a nationally-operating business development organization under 48 CFR 52.219-9. It has helped dozens of small businesses access Federal contracting and subcontracting opportunities under North American Industry Classification System code 561440, Debt Collection.  Some highlights include:

  • More than two dozen small businesses have worked on Federal subcontracts and have helped defaulted borrowers move out of default and get on the road toward financial stability as a result of membership;
  • Multiple members have gone on to win direct, prime Federal contracts to help defaulted borrowers in the same manner;
  • Numerous HUBZone and service-disabled veteran-owned firms have learned how to service defaulted borrowers as a result of their involvement in related contracts, creating capacity never before seen among these two targeted socioeconomic groups.

The organization is managed by Nick Bernardo and Leah Wilson Conger and is based in the Greater Philadelphia region.

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